It’s not a secret that kids are messy. My kids have so much stuff and it's hard for them to keep track of everything. I think keeping your children organized is important because they will learn the basics of organization. Which they can carry into adulthood when they have their own homes. There are many ways that you can get your kids organized in the new year. You can start with the basics, such as purging, donating, and storing. Then you can move on to more complex things like toy storage or bedroom storage. If you want to be successful at getting your kids organized, you need to plan ahead and set up systems that work for you. This article will give you some tips on how to get started.


Getting Rid Of Clutter

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One way to get your kids organized is to clean out all of the clutter in your house. This includes toys, books, games, clothing, etc. It is very easy to let these items pile up over time. When this happens, your home becomes cluttered and disorganized. Start small and go from room to room. As you go through each room, look for things that you no longer use. Take these items to Goodwill or another donation center. We have a crisis pregnancy center close by so I like donating items there. Once you have gone through every room, now you can focus on the proper storage of the remaining items.


Toy Storage

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If you have a child who has many toys, you know that it is difficult to keep track of everything. One thing you can do to help keep toys organized is to store them in bins or boxes. You can also make labels for each bin or box so that you know what belongs where. For instance, you could label one bin "toys" and another bin "games." This works great for my older kids, who can read especially like this because they aren’t asking me what each bin is for. They also help their younger siblings with putting everything in its correct spot. Another thing we do is rotate toys out. We have a box in our garage and if toys aren’t getting played with they go to the garage box. That way we aren’t getting rid of it but it is giving us more space in the playroom.


Backpack Storage

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During the school year, you have backpacks and school supplies that can take up a lot of space in your home. One of the best purchases I made was a hall tree for backpacks and shoes. As soon as they walk through the door they know where their backpacks and shoes go. It’s also helpful that their school supplies are in one spot so we aren’t wasting time in the mornings looking for what they need for school. If you don’t want to spend money on a hall tree just buying some wall hooks that each child can hang their backpack on will work just as well. 


Other Tips

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Then there are other things that you can do to help your kids be more organized. Some ideas include:

  • Using bins- you can adopt the use of bins where you and your child throw away unwanted stuff. You can mark these bins with stickers or paint them with chalkboard paint.
  • Give your child chores- you can assign specific tasks to your child so that they learn responsibility.
  • Create a schedule- you can create a daily schedule for your child so that they know when to do what.

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It can feel so overwhelming to think about organizing your home. My best advice is consistency. You must remember to stick with the same methods throughout the year. We have a smaller home so organization is a key element so our lives feel a little less chaotic. It’s ok if you don’t get done in a day or even a week. What matters is that you start. I hope these tips are helpful and give you some ideas to use in your own home. 

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