Hi friends!! I’m so excited to be back writing for Decocrated! I’m sitting here with all the amazing Decocrated Fall 2022 Box  pieces and trying to decide where they fit best in my home. One of my favorite pieces from the box is the amazing garland. Honestly, I have shopped for a classic garland and it is crazy hard to find something that is quality but not too expensive, is realistic looking but not too specific to one season. Y’all, this one is pretty perfect. I love the eucalyptus - the perfect choice. I love that it is substantial, not too thin or wimpy. There are so many ways to style this beautiful piece and it doesn't just have to be a piece you use to hang for the holiday season. I’m going to show you three of my favorite ways I like to hang garland and let you choose! How should I style the Fall garland? Let’s get started! 


  1. On my entryway table

Entryway table, drape garland across table, green garland, non festive garland, candles, candle pillars, wooden, autumn sign, vase, bins

The first place I wanted to try to decorate with my garland was on my entryway table. I knew it would be the perfect added greenery since it has natural elements, and I was right. It really fills up the table well and adds a dimension that wasn’t there before. You’ll also spot the Decocrated candle sticks from years past, as well as the new Autumn sign. I love how this space really sets the tone when you enter my home. 

Autumn sign, eucalyptus garland, above angle of garland on entryway table, autumn sign , magnolia leaves on garland decorations, greenery decorating


  1. Around a mirror or canvas art piece

Garland, hang garland on a mirror, garland hung on an art frame, hang garland on an art frame, decorating with a garland, green garlands

    Second, I tried to hang the gorgeous garland around one of my favorite pieces of art in my living room. This quote, which I love, is framed in wood on a white background. Because of its color scheme, I felt like it would be the perfect canvas (if you will) for hanging garland around it. Again, it adds so much dimension to this corner of my home! I love how it can be bent around the frame to add more movement and interest. 


    Harland hung around an art piece, garland in a corner of a living room, garland in living room


    1. Draped on a bed frame 

    fun garland hung on a bed frame, garland hung in top of bed, hang garland in bedroom, brown bed, striped pillows

      Lastly, I tried to hang the garland in a more unique place. I have a metal bed frame and I thought it would look cool draped along the top of my bed frame. We have a queen bed and I’d say the size was perfect! I love the texture and greenery it adds to our bedroom and the contrast it gives up against the metal frame. It adds a softness to the room that is much needed! 

      Draped garland on bed frame, bed frame with garland on it, garland decorations, garland decor

      So what do you think? Which styling was your favorite? I don’t think I can choose! This garland brings the perfect softness to decorate any corner of your home. I can’t wait to see how you all style yours around your house!


      Until next time! 



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