With its chilly embrace, winter transforms our homes into warm retreats where memories are made and laughter is shared. Amidst the season's beauty, the Wood House Set from the Winter 2023 Box emerges as an essential element of winter home decor, bringing a touch of nature's serenity indoors.

The Wood House Set is not just another decor item; it's a statement. With its unique wood finish, each house blends seamlessly with various decor styles.

Here are a few ways to style the Wood Houses:

1. On a Tray
Trays are versatile decor elements, perfect for curating themed displays that can be easily moved and arranged.


a. Place the wood houses in the center of a decorative tray, ensuring they remain the focal point.

b. Position an unlit candle beside the houses.

c. Place a vase behind the wood houses. Inside the vase, insert the Pine Bunch from the Winter 2022 Box. The greenery introduces a touch of nature, complementing the wooden houses.

d. Scatter a few pinecones, berry sprigs, and mini gold ornaments to add depth and layers to the display.


2. Wall Display
Walls offer a canvas for creativity, allowing decor elements to come together in a cohesive visual story.


a. Hang the wood houses on the wall, ensuring they’re at eye level for maximum viewing. Their unique two-toned wood design will stand out, drawing attention.

b. Beside the houses, install wooden shelves that complement the color and texture of the wood houses.

c. On the shelf under the wood houses, position a vase filled with faux greenery. The green contrasts beautifully with the wood, adding a fresh touch.

d. Take a few mini gold ornaments and place them on the shelf and next to that add a fake present with a gold ribbon.


3. On a Shelf: 2 Ways to Showcase
Beside Books and a Vase:


a. Position the wood houses next to a stack of books. The varied heights of the book spines create a focal point for the wood houses.

b. On the other side of the houses, place a vase filled with a sprig of pine and some fake berries. The combination of green and red adds a festive touch, complementing the natural wood of the houses.


Next to Candleholders:


a. Arrange the wood houses beside the Halloween 2023 DeLuxe Box Set of LED Candleholders. The varying heights create depth and interest on a shelf.

b. Add a pine sprig and fake berries to capture the spirit of the holidays.


The wood house set is a perfect addition to any home during the cold winter months. It brings a touch of nature inside, making spaces feel cozy and inviting. As you decorate your home this winter, these wooden houses will surely make it feel special, warm, and ready for the season's best moments.