Summer is almost here! I am so excited about the warmer weather and sunshine. I live for those long warm afternoons and breezy nights. I like to bring the feel of Summer indoors as well and living rooms are always a great place to start! Fortunately, there are a plethora of living room design ideas for brightening up spaces for summer, including the addition of linen pillows, and bright colors, and if you like beachy vibes that’s an option too! I have rounded up some tips to help our readers kick start Summer with some living room inspiration.


Choosing an Accent Color

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Choosing a color palette is imperative before putting your decor out. I especially like doing this in my living room. A lot of my home is neutral so when planning on adding pops of color I like choosing colors that complement each other. A lot of times I will use the 60-30-10 rule. The rule involves dividing the living room’s color scheme into percentages with 60% of the color used on the walls being the dominant or primary color. 30% of the remainder is the secondary color and mainly incorporates upholstery or furniture, whereas the remaining 10% is on accessories and decor. So my primary color is lots of grays, white, and beige. For Summer, my secondary colors are greens, yellows, and blues. I think neutral and earth tones work best for farmhouses by making them brighter and more inviting. Examples would be beige, white, tan, or brown shades. Green, yellow, and light blues are great pops of color to use during the Summer season and go really well in the living room space. 


Welcoming Entryway

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My entryway leads right to my living room, so I also use this as a space to add on to my decor space. The entryway is the first space guests see when they walk through the front door. Since the front door sets the tone for the entire home, I feel it is an important space to decorate. For instance, you can accessorize your porch with decor that matches the front door or trim accents. Outdoor chairs, for example, can be styled with pillows that add a pop of color. The point of focus should be where your eye lands when the door opens. This is where you want to focus your decorating. Since summertime lends itself to bright colors and soft tones. I will add a colorful entryway rug. I love the woven rug in this season’s Decocrated box. You can also add colorful wall art to help bring out those pops of colors that you’ve chosen. In the past, I have even painted my front door to a soft blue tone to brighten up my front porch/entryway. It’s a great way to freshen up for the new season.

Add warm and inviting decor, add woven rug, fresh flowers, wall art. entryway tips


Changing Up Your Decor For Summer

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Changing up your home decor is essential when going into a new season. Whether that be decorating with new living room furniture or adding new decor to your coffee table. When switching from spring to summer, I like replacing the greenery with colorful floral arrangements (you can use fresh flowers or faux flowers). I also like to use wooden trays or pedestals with bright-colored ceramics. Sometimes I will take my rustic wooden tray and switch it out with a white tray. If you enjoy DIY, you could paint a wooden tray with a brighter color for a fun decor project.

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The list of things one can do with wooden trays is endless. Lemon decor is one of my go-to’s decor options. It is an easy and affordable summer decor that adds a sweet taste of summertime to a home. Decocrated has cute lemon decor in their current Summer box and also in past Summer boxes. I will change up the pillows on my couch from neutral colors to beautiful shades of blue. Then I will add blue and yellow pillows to our hall tree. If you enjoy candles or using home fragrances then choosing a sea or coconut fragrance can bring your decor together nicely.


To wrap it up, you can create a beautiful and inviting Summer living room by incorporating bright colors, changing up florals, using bright pillow covers, or beachy wall art. I hope the above ideas will add visual impact to your summertime living room! If you haven’t signed up for a Decocrated subscription then hurry now, it’s not too late! Happy Summer decorating!


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