The holidays have passed, the company is gone, and chances are you may have been left with a home in need of some desperate organization. While cleaning and decorating may have taken a backseat amidst the chaos of celebration, the new year is the perfect time to hit refresh and get organized after a busy holiday season.

Make a resolution to get organized before your family heads back to work and school in 2022! Below are some tips and tricks you can implement in your own home to kick start organizing for the new year:

1.  Decorate with your storage.

The gift-giving traditions of the holidays often result in more items that you may not know where to keep around your house. I know I received too many blankets and candles as gifts than I knew what to do with! With already-tight storage, it may seem difficult to organize and find a home for your presents. To navigate this issue, try incorporating storage into your décor. Baskets and trunks make perfect storage solutions, while also decorating your space. Try rolling blankets or storing those holiday candles in wicker baskets (such as the basket from the summer 2021 box), which are flexible enough to use in any season!

PS- all those holiday candles will look great paired with the fall 2021 candle holders

2.  Organize your front entrance for efficiency.

As your family gets ready to return to work and school, an area of focus should be your front entrance. Instead of having car keys and sunglasses strewn around the house, gather all your leaving-the-house essentials and organize them near the front entrance. This will help to streamline those busy mornings ahead. In my apartment, we hung a cute storage container to hold all of our must-brings for work. To finish our entrance area, we hung a mirror, which is perfect for quick makeup and hair checks before running out the door! For limited wall space and tight entrances, try incorporating the moon mirror from the fall 2021 box (like I did in the cover photo). 

If you have a large entrance area such as a mudroom, check out these tips for maximizing this space’s efficiency.

3.  Create a designated space for work.

If you are anything like me, your at-home workspace quickly became a storage space over the holidays. I would pile papers and textbooks from my classes, promising myself I would get to grading and prepping once I was organized! Since my at-home work desk was unorganized, this quickly overflowed to the dining room table over the holidays, followed by the couch when I wanted a comfier place to work. Set a New Year’s resolution to keep work at your workstation, and create a designated space for your at-home tasks. To organize your workspace, try incorporating glass jars to hold your pens and highlighters. Make your workspace stylish with a small plant and clock (we love the clock from Decocrated’s summer 2021 box!) to keep track of time. For a creative twist on displaying reminders and mementos, try incorporating the wood ladder from the fall 2021 box as a cute alternative to a corkboard. No more leaving sticky notes on the wall!

Need more inspiration for your desk? Check out Good Housekeeping’s guide to desk decorating and storage. 



I hope these tips help to jump-start your own organization goals this new year!



About the Author

Danielle Pierce is a first-grade teacher, adjunct writing professor, and copywriter. She began as an intern for Decocrated during summer 2021. Danielle is an avid equestrian, and when she is not prepping for her classes or writing blogs for Decocrated, you can probably find her at the barn.