Hey friends! It’s Morgan again (AKA @the_patientmom) and if you haven’t seen the contents of the Summer 2022 Box yet then let me tell you; it exceeded my expectations. I love everything about it, especially the faux plant in a ceramic pot. Faux plants are a great alternative to incorporating indoor greenery in your home. If you know me, you know I can’t keep a real plant alive so the fact that this came with a faux plant made my non-green thumb heart sing. 


This pot could really go anywhere because of the simplicity of the faux greenery and the uniqueness of the white details. It would look great on the countertop in a master bathroom or even on an end table in a family room. I love how the white planter makes the green really POP. Below are a few examples of how I styled the faux plant throughout my home.


Living Room End Table 

Decorating with fake plants, end table, coffee table styling with faux plants, plant next to frame and art block, white flowers in faux plant

This wood and gold end table has been looking rather sad and bare for months now, with just an engagement photo of my husband and me on it. 

en table styling, end table home decor, faux plants, faux plant on end table, faux plant next to photo

I filled in the space by situating the faux plant ceramic pot next to the photo frame and then placed the Live Simply wooden art block (also from the Summer 2022 Box) on the other side. I added a touch of color by draping the blue bead strand from the Spring 2022 Box over it.


Dining Room Buffet

Buffet Styling, white home decor, white vase with faux flowers, glass vase with faux flowers, home decor, plant

My dining room buffet is one of my favorite spaces to decorate and redecorate. I swear I switch it up every month. Or at least every time a Decocrated box shows up at my door.

As you can see, my buffet currently features several pieces from past Decocrated boxes. The metal lantern in the center is one of my all-time favorites. When the weather gets warm I often take that piece out to my deck! On the wooden tray from the Winter 2019 Box I have a white geometric tabletop accent, along with the wooden frame from the Spring 2021 Box, which is showcasing the art print from the Summer 2022 Box. I’ve set the ceramic pot right next to that on top of the tray. 


Front Porch

Out door front porch home decor, outdoor furniture, styling faux plants outside, side table for outdoor, outdoor pillows

My front porch is one of my favorite summertime spots. I often find myself plopping down in one of these chairs to watch my kids zoom around the cul de sac on their scooters or play with the neighboring kids. It also adds a bit of curb appeal to my home. Adding the ceramic pot to my existing setup was the perfect touch.

Faux plants paired with other faux plants, side table styling, artificial plants next to art block

Again, I have styled it here on my patio end table with the blue bead strand and Live Simply wooden art block. Also included is the blue planter from the Spring 2021 Box (with another faux plant) and the boho basket from the Summer 2021 Box. You’ll also see that my chair  pillows are covered with pillow covers from the Summer 2021 Box and Spring 2020 Box. So cute!


So, which way is your favorite? I’m leaning toward the living room end table since I have been trying to fill in that space for awhile now; but I really do love them all!


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