Easter is of course a religious celebration; however, it is also a fun celebration for children. It is a holiday with an array of fun with candy, bunnies, crafts, activities, and games. It is typically a holiday with a focus on Easter egg hunts and the Easter bunny but here are a few additional ways to keep the kids egg-cited!

1. Easter Egg Guessing Games

Decocrated wreath, Easter Wreath, peeps on a wreath, easter eggs

This is an easy and fun game for kids of all ages. Fill a jar with easter eggs, then have each family member guess how many eggs are in the jar. The winner is the person who guesses the correct number of eggs without going over. Not only is this a really fun way to bring the family together, but it also serves as a learning game for little ones. This is an opportunity for them to practice counting and shows them that sometimes the jar is a lot fuller than their little eyes can imagine.

2. Give an Easter Egg Gift Basket to a neighbor

Easter egg basket, easter eggs filled with kind words

Let the kids fill plastic Easter eggs with goodies, like chocolates or any sweet treats of their choice. They can even write little notes and place those notes inside the eggs. Place the eggs in a basket and then deliver the basket to a neighbor. This activity is such a creative way for the kids to learn how to perform a random act of kindness. There is no better time to teach kids selflessness than on Easter. 

Another suggestion is for the kids to deliver their hand-made Easter gift baskets to a local nursing home. Unfortunately, many elders in nursing homes do not get to spend holidays with their families or they may not have families to spend the holidays with. What better way to show love, goodness, and gratitude on this very special day. 

3. Create an Easter wreath

Easter egg wreath, wreath on a mirror, decorative easter eggs

Easter wreaths are commonly displayed to celebrate the beginning of spring. It shows your guests how joyous you are that warm weather and spring are on the horizon. Aside from flowers, you can also get creative and incorporate other elements like Easter eggs. The following is how to create a very simple and artistic kid-friendly Easter wreath.

Select a wreath of your choice, it can be a floral wreath, a Styrofoam wreath a wooden wreath, whatever works best. Print out Easter egg cutouts or you can choose to allow the kids to draw and color their own Easter eggs. Let the kids attach the Easter eggs to the wreath. They can hang the wreath on a door, on a wall, or even on a mirror. I attached this colorful wreath to the Decocrated mirror.

Easter is truly an extraordinary celebration for many people across the world. It is not only an opportunity to teach children the meaning of the day, but it is also an opportunity for the family to come together and enjoy spending time with one another. Have fun this Easter and incorporate some of these fun activities. Happy Easter everyone!

Be sure to share some of your favorite Easter activities.

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