Hi friends, Daniela here (@coldcoffeemombrain)!  I cannot believe 2021 has come and gone already.  I hope you enjoyed your holiday break!  Now that we are in 2022, our Christmas decor has come down.  I have still left up some winter things but here in North Carolina, our temps have been in the mid to low 70s.  It feels SO good and I feel ready for spring! 

I wanted to show you some fun ways you could decorate your entryway!  We don’t have anything grand by our front door, we live in military housing so “we get what we get”, but I am able to use what I have around the house and make it work! 


 1. Functional and Cozy

First impression, sophisticated touch, wall space, wall decor, cozy area, entry space

When I think about an entryway, I think functional yet welcoming.  A great idea, to begin with, is with your entryways wall space. The arch that hangs above the small table is actually from the Decocrated Members Only Shop. I got it a couple of years ago and I love it a lot.  Such a versatile piece and it is a perfect focal point for any entryway.

On the table I have placed a trailing plant of mine, going up the trellis, the wood and metal tray from the Winter 2021 box, and the sleek metal and brown leather table clock from the Fall 2021 box.

clock, decor pieces, knick knacks, light wood table, small space, table styling

Below, I have both pillow covers from the Winter 2021 box and the woven basket from the summer 2021 box!  

storage space, extra storage, throw pillow, cozy pillow, entryway ideas, beautiful mess 

If you are wanting to make it a touch more “wintry”, add the adorable woodland creatures that came in the Winter 2021 box to the tray!  

I love keeping the entryway simple because you can drop your keys right in the tray and place your shoes below- very functional and easy! 


2.  Faux Florals

Blank wall, faux florals, entry, rug, walls, inviting guests, storage, art

 The metal wreath that came inside the Winter 2021 box is stunning!  I had to use it with my decor.  Normally, I’d just hang it up on the trellis but I wanted to style it differently. 

Your girl loves her real indoor plants, don’t get me wrong, but flowers?  I go the faux route.  They don’t die, they keep their color and I don’t need to worry about heat/cooling.   

 focal point, wall area, decor ideas, woodland creature, wooden animals, wooden art frame, decorative wreath

Here I have the Framed Winter art piece leaning against the wall and the round, metal wreath angled to the side right in front of it (both came in the Winter 2021 box).  Next to that, I have the woodland creatures fixed upon the beautiful wood and gold pillars that were in the fall 2021 box!  

This definitely is a more “cluttered” and layered display.  Some people don’t like the way the tops of the tables look so bare. I still think it’s beautiful!  The warm, earthy tones are calming.


 3.  Add some height

  Different heights, wooden tray, sophisticated touch, table, space

Adding some levels is also a great way to draw the eye. The way I have placed the items on this table is generally how I’d choose to decorate.  It allows me to enjoy the decor that I’ve placed out while also allowing functionality.  I feel that when I decorate this way, I don’t find myself feeling as “cluttered” as if the whole top of the entryway table was covered.

Adding height, candle holders, wooden animal, wreath, wooden tray, height

I laid the winter wreath down on the wooden stand from the Fall 2019 box and placed the Fall 2021 Wooden Candle Holders in the center of the wreath.  Topped the pillars with a cute little wooden fox, added my beautiful baby mican plant, and found a black and rose gold candle holder to make it a set of 3! 

There are so many ways you can decorate your entryway.  I often find myself leaning towards different ways to decorate depending on the season/ holiday we are in at the time. Simple decorative touches can make your home that much more welcoming! Generally during the spring and summer, we utilize the front area of the house a lot more (because we are outside a lot more).  

What kind of decorator are you when it comes to the entryway?  Do you prefer more functionality or do you like to really make a statement?  Show us how you decorate your entryway for winter and be sure to tag @decocrated so we can see!