Summer is nearly here and that means barbecues, outdoor entertaining and my kids (and husband) are on summer break! I am so looking forward to grilling out, enjoying our almost-finished - new deck, and doing all sorts of fun family activities.


When I opened to Summer 2022 Box and pulled out the wooden caddy, I couldn’t stop imagining the many ways I could use it. I love caddies so I had so many ideas! From the typical utensil wood caddy for parties to an art caddy for my littles; this is the perfect, versatile piece for summer. Check out the different ways I plan to use the wooden caddy below.


Utensil Caddy for Entertaining

Utensil filled wood caddy, wooden caddies filled with utensils, fill wood caddy with forks, knives, spoons, and napkins

This is the typical use for the caddy, and when it’s this cute, you have to use it for its sole purpose! Toss your forks, spoons, knives (metal or plastic), and serving utensils into the top four compartments, and then add folded linen napkins or paper napkins to the bottom cubby. Grab the caddy when you are having your next outdoor family dinner or hosting a party! You can style it on a dining table, picnic table, or on your kitchen counter. It adds a little extra class, in my opinion.


Barbecue Caddy

Barbecue utensil wood caddy, super cute barbecue wooden caddies, woody caddy ideas, fill wood caddy with barbecue stuff

Nothing says summer like barbecue chicken right off the grill! For us, that usually means taking multiple trips out to the grill with our meats/veggies, sauces, utensils, trays, etc. It can be a pain. So I decided to use the wooden caddy to hold all of our barbecue sauce, tongs, seasoning, brush, etc. so we can just grab it and head outside to the grill! You could even set it up next to the food after you cook it to add the sauce as you make your plate. So easy and convenient.

Wood caddy filled with Barbecue stuff, adorable barbecue wood caddy, barbecue materials in a wood caddy


Art Caddy for Kids’ Art Projects

craft supplies in a wood caddy, paint, markers, pencils, painting supplies, craft materials inside of a wood caddy

We all know kids have way too many art supplies; and while I am semi-organized and keep mine in labeled drawers when it comes time to get them out for a project, chaos immediately ensues. So, I like to fill up the wood caddy with craft-specific supplies right before project time so I only bring out what I need and the kids can easily put the supplies away when done.


cute crate for craft materials, wood caddy for painting supplies, woody caddy filled with items for crafts

In this photo, I have stocked the top compartments with glitter glue, markers, paintbrushes, glue sticks, paint bottles, and scissors, and the bottom slot has a variety of paint sets! This is a super cute and easy way to keep your kids organized!


Outdoor Activity Caddy

Wooden Caddies, wood caddy, decorating ideas, outdoor wood caddy, wood caddy outside near playground, decorating it with bubbles and sidewalk chalk, filled with outdoor fun materials, create a cute create for outdoor fun, amazing ways to organize your kids chalk, bubbles, and jump ropes

This one might be my favorite! My kids LOVE to play outside but they also love to ask me for a million things the moment I settle myself down on my deck furniture with a good book, so I find myself getting up numerous times to find the little things they are asking for. However, by bundling some of their favorite outdoor play items into the wooden caddy I have drastically reduced the number of interruptions I get (genius, right?).


I’ve loaded the caddy up with sunscreen, bubble wands, jump ropes, and sidewalk chalk. Now all my kids need to do is grab this off the back porch and head outside with it. Some other ideas of items to add to an outdoor activity caddy include bug spray, water balloons to fill, and mini squirt guns.


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