Are you ready to style your home with bright summer colors and a brand-new look?

We can’t wait for you to open your summer décor box! There are so many fun ways to pair the items for any home style. Each décor item is timeless and unique, so you can even mix and match!

Whether you’re going for a sophisticated modern look or a sultry summer style, we’ve got you covered with 21 ways to style your summer box! You’ll feel like you’re on vacation without leaving your home.

What’s in the box?

This seasonal box captures that pleasant, golden glow of summer. It’s packed with bright, sunny colors and items to give your home a delightful new look.

 There are seven fabulous key pieces included in this season’s box.

  1. “Hello Sunshine” Art Print
  2. Summer Pillow Covers
  3. Geo Planter
  4. The Wood Mirror
  5. The Two-Tier Tray
  6. The Summer Rug
  7. The Succulent

We paired these items because they are versatile and can work together in multiple ways for different styles.

You can group the items or spread them out. You can hang them. You can layer them. Whatever you do, your home is going to have that sweet, tropical #VacayVibe! Even though you can’t have the huge get-together to show off your home décor, you’re still ready to entertain a friend or two.

Here are tons of great ways to mix and match your new summer style goodies!

  1. Place your art print on a table or clean surface. Surround it with citrus fruits (Bonus points for dried citrus slices!) and leaves from local fauna. Check out some tips on styling an entryway table.
  1. Frame your art card and add it to a wall art grouping. Display recent photos, summery images, and even include your hanging mirror in the group. Try mixing big and small objects for a nice contrast.

  1. Create a sweet summer nook with your art print and summer pillow covers. Since they both include the botanical theme, it will make for thematic home décor.
  1. Hang your art print on a string with fun Polaroid prints using clothespins. We love this type of photo display during summer. It captures the light, airy sense of sunshine in your home.
  1. Place your hanging mirror in a group of photos and display with your art print. The reflective quality of mirrors paired with the light wood frame of the mirror makes this a great summer home style choice.
  1. Place your rug by a French door or other well-lit space. The combination of the sun on the white and blue linen type textile can bring anyone back to a beachy summer day.

  1. Use your two-tier rack to make a thematic display. Try stacking some whole citrus fruits, branches, and leaves and a couple of small brightly colored fruits to make a pop!

  1. The two-tier rack is great for serving food or drinks. Try lining the shelves with parchment paper and load up with freshly baked goods or our summertime favorite, pink lemonade! Include a dish with lemon slices, swirly straws, and granulated sugar to complete the look. Fresh cut fruit more your style? How about a delicious watermelon bar?
  1. The two-tier rack is so versatile! Take the shelves off the rack and display them separately. This home décor item is practical for storing craft supplies, jewelry and hair accessories, or even spices and small items.
  1. Make a beautiful tablescape. Use the succulent with the two-tier rack. Place these items on top of your textile rug for a beachy delight.
  1. Use the two-tier rack to make a tiny jungle. Cover it with small and medium-sized plants. You can even use your succulent in the mix! Mixing plants with different hanging leaves creates an attractive summer-y centerpiece for any room.

  1. Place the throw pillow covers on a seat or bench near the entryway of your home. The botanical print will accentuate any plants or summer prints and décor objects bringing the outside in! The neutral side can create a more relaxed atmosphere and blend with other chic design elements in the space.

  1. Fill your geo planter hexagon with plants. This is another way to brighten and liven up a room to create a jungle effect. Don’t be shy with the plants. Let them overflow and grow around the wiring.

  1. The geo planter hexagon is adaptable for home décor. You can hang it from the ceiling for an interesting dangling effect (especially if it’s overflowing with plants, this is a fun option!) Check out these tips on hanging planters. We also love to place it on a flat surface or install hang it flush against a wall as part of an art grouping.
  1. Brighten up the room even more! Include the hanging mirror in a wall grouping near your geo planter hexagon. The materials and color tones of both décor objects play well together. Be sure to create this look in a well-lit area to ensure lots of reflective light. If the geo planter hexagon is filled with plants, the hanging mirror will also reflect the plants and make the room look even more lush and sophisticated.

  1. Use your geo planter hexagon as a home décor centerpiece. Fill it with ripe fruits or even brightly colored candies and place it in the kitchen. This is a fun, refreshing farm-style kitchen look.
  1. Create a vivid summer accent on a table or countertop. Place the succulent near fragrance sprays, or other aesthetically pleasing products like soaps, or oils for a luxury resort look.

  1. The summer rug is a great way to bring softness into any space. Try placing it in an entryway near a large potted plant.
  1. The summer rug brings a delicate element to your home dècor. The natural textile plays well off other lush patterns and natural materials. Place it near a small tablescape with live plants and fresh-cut flowers.

  1. Be creative with your summer rug. Use it as a table runner or placemat centerpiece on a kitchen table or bathroom accent table as a chic element to bring in the natural summer feel.
  1. Place your art print together with the faux succulent and the botanical print pillow cover together in a cluster for a radiant summer scene.

Ready. Set. Decorate.

We love mixing and matching the elements from the summer box to liven up any home space.

It’s always fun to have an updated feel with each seasonal change. Whether you use the items in bunches, hang them, or scatter them throughout the home, you’ll be sure to create a dazzling, warm environment for you and your guests to enjoy. Sign up for your subscription now!