The weather is starting to get warmer and that means that the Spring season is on its way! I love getting outside for a large portion of the day when Spring arrives. After being stuck inside for so many cold months, there is something so freeing about spending time out in the sunshine. With each new season, I always like to make a list of activities I don’t want to miss. Lucky you, I’m going to share a list of Spring activities with you.


Here are 18 fun things to do this Spring:


1.) Go to the park.

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When the weather turns warm, you will find my family at a local park most days. It is the perfect activity for my kids to get some energy out and for me to enjoy the sunshine. We have numerous parks close to our house, so we like to visit different parks each week.

2.) Jump in mud puddles.

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This activity goes against everything I am as a person (neat freak, perfectionist, clean and orderly), but it brings my kids so much joy. After it has rained, let your kids jump in mud puddles. They will laugh and have THE best time! My kids always say jumping in mud puddles is super fun. Pro tip: put them in play clothes that you don’t mind getting ruined, give them rain boots to wear, and use the outdoor hose to spray them off before you let them back inside the house.

3.) Get the Spring Decocrated box.

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I’m a huge home decor lover and I always look forward to receiving my Decocrated box each season. Do yourself a favor and subscribe now to grab the Spring 2022 Box - it has so many terrific pieces that will transform your house into a Spring oasis. One of my favorite items is the set of 2 ceramic birds. You can click here to read a blog post I wrote with different ways to style them.

4.) Make slime.

Make slime, fun spring activities, fun times, spring bucket list

Another activity that my kids love that sometimes causes a mess is slime. When the weather is warm, help your young kids make slime and then send them outside so the mess stays out of your house.

5.) Enjoy the weather.

Go outdoors, have fun outside, outdoor fun, bucket list

I know life can get busy and sometimes we forget to slow down. I’m challenging myself this year to make time to get outside and simply enjoy the beautiful Spring weather.

6.) Make a succulent wall.

plant succulents, plant flowers, plant cherry blossoms, get succulents from the farmers market

One of my favorite projects I’ve created was a succulent wall holding pots that I can change out whenever I want. Since I’m not a person with a green thumb, succulents work for me. My husband and I built this succulent wall and hung it on our front porch. I love the look of the wall and I appreciate that very little care is needed to keep the succulents alive.

7.) Make bunny pancakes for Easter morning.

Make easter pancakes, springtime recipe

In our house, we always love to make each holiday festive. These bunny pancakes are easy to create. Just make a large circle and small circle out of the pancake batter for the body and head of the bunny. Then make oval shapes for the feet and pointy ovals for the ears. Add a slice of banana to each foot and chocolate chips for the toes. Use whip cream to make a bunny tail. 

8.) Create a feature wall.

refresh your home, do a home project, fun ways to change up your home

Many people like to start spring cleaning their house to get it ready for warmer temperatures; that is a perfect time to try your hand at a DIY project. Feature walls are very beginner-friendly, easy on the budget, and don’t take a lot of time to create. Plus they make a huge impact in any room.

9.) Relax outside.

Relax outside, relax in your backyard, spend time outdoors

Maybe my favorite activity is sitting outside in the sunshine and relaxing. I love to take my coffee outside in the mornings and enjoy the warm weather. Or sometimes I’ll sit and relax outside while my kids play on the swingset. 

10.) Plant some flowers.

plant flowers, cherry blossoms, spring flowers, spring garden, botanical garden

Many people relax by gardening and planting flowers. Get your yard ready for spring by planting flowers of many different colors. 

11.) Ride a bike.

fun spring activities, ride a bike, outdoor toys, play hopscotch

Get some physical activity in and go for a bike ride. I have fond memories of riding my bike all around the neighborhood when I was a kid and I still enjoy riding a bike to this day. 

12.) Try food truck treats.

Eat at food trucks, support local business, have a picnic, have a food truck picnic

The warmer months mean that food trucks are out in abundance. I’ve always enjoyed the food that we’ve tried from different food trucks. So put on your adventurous hat and go try some different foods. More often than not you will be supporting local businesses when you do.

13.) Visit a petting zoo/safari park.

Go to the zoo, see baby animals, look at baby birds

Grab the kids and take them to where the animals are! Petting zoos are lots of fun for little ones because they can feed and pet the animals.

14.) Grab a snow cone.

get a sweet treat, snow cones, fun spring activities

One of my favorite warm-weather treats is a snow cone. Enjoy some sugary goodness and perhaps a walk around town.

15.) Create a flower arrangement.

Make floral arrangements, spring garden, summer flowers, windows open

Spring makes me want to add flowers all over my house; the colors are so pretty. Since real flowers don’t last in a vase long, I prefer to use faux flowers and greenery for decor. I created this flower arrangement using the lattice crate from the Spring 2019 box with some faux peonies and lavender stems.

16.) Visit state parks.

go to state parks, explore outside

Take a short day trip/road trip and visit the natural beauty that state parks offer. We live close to Natural Bridge and have always enjoyed our visits there.

17.) Feed some ducks.

Feed ducks, feed baby ducks, feed baby birds, feed baby animals, bird feederr

We have a really awesome duck pond close by with tons of ducks. When the weather gets warm, our family loves to visit and take old bread to feed the ducks. My children always laugh and giggle as they feed the ducks.

18.) Make s’mores.

Make smores, smore's, have a bonfire

Build a fire outside and roast marshmallows to create s’mores. We like to make s’mores with both Hershey’s chocolate and Reese’s peanut butter cups. YUMMY!


I hope you enjoyed this list of fun activities. How many do you think you will do?


XOXO, Lindsay (Pursuit of Pink Blog)

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