Happy Holidays, all! It’s Morgan from The Patient Mom blog again, and if you know me, you know I love Decocrated. That’s why I’m coming to you this holiday season with 12 different spaces I’ve styled with pieces from past  Decocrated subscription boxes to create a holly, jolly, festive vibe in my house. Check out my “12 Days” of Decocrated below to get a little inspiration for your home:

1. Front Hallway

This hallway in my home is an explosion of Decocrated pieces! Here you can see I’ve hung the Sleigh Shelf from the Winter 2020 Box. The Wooden Tabletop Art from the Winter 2019 Box is on the top shelf, and on the bottom shelf is the Wooden Calendar from the Winter 2020 Box. I filled in the empty space with bottle brush trees (my current holiday obsession).

2. Entryway

I have loved this blue striped rug from the Summer 2020 Box rug since the moment it arrived last year. Doesn’t it look perfect under my front door Christmas doormat in my entryway? I don’t just stick to the typical red/green/white color combo; I mix in pinks, light greens, and light blues as well!

 3. Front Porch

When it comes to Christmas front porches, I don’t mess around. I add everything from flocked garland and lights to a vintage Santa and throw pillows. I’ve also included the planter from the Spring 2021 Box on my end table and “spruced” (please tell me you giggled) it up with some greenery, holly, and pinecones.

4. Mantel 

My mantel is probably my favorite thing to decorate this time of year, besides the tree(s), of course! Thanks to the Evergreen Wall Art from the Winter 2021 Box, I upped my game this year and tied in my color scheme by adding a pink painted background.

5. Hearth

On the hearth, you will see the Wooden Tray from the Winter 2021 Box, the Wooden Village from the Winter 2020 Box, and the Green Woven Throw from Winter 2019 Box. I’ve also tossed in the Evergreen Pillow Covers from the Winter 2021 Box!

6. Dining Room Buffet

I have decorated my vintage buffet with several Decocrated subscription box pieces. Atop the Wooden Tray from the Winter 2019 Box, I’ve placed the Decorative Trees from the Winter 2019 Box and the Wooden Frame.

7. Dining Room Wall

This Wall Art from the Winter 2020 Box is another piece that I “hacked.” I added some green yarn tassels to create a tree. So cute, right?

8. Kitchen

My kitchen holiday décor is somewhat limited. I have a wreath in the window and this adorable hand towel that I placed on the Wooden Ladder from the Fall 2021 Box. I am going to have to step up my game in this room next year.

9. Breakfast Nook Window

The Wreath from the Winter 2021 Box adorns the window in our breakfast nook. If I could hang a wreath in every window of my home, I would (so maybe I will).

10. Kid’s Bedroom

I love to decorate my kids’ bedrooms for the holidays. My twin daughters’ holiday bedroom décor is whimsical, while my three-year-old sons’ room combines classic Christmas and log cabin Christmas. The Woodland Animals from the Winter 2021 Box fit in perfectly on the shelf above his dresser.

11. Blanket Ladder

Nothing says cozy like a blanket ladder! I painted the Wooden Snowflake from the Winter 2020 box white to better fit in with my decorations, and I’ve hung it on my blanket ladder.

12. Living Room Couch

I added a touch of fun holiday flair to my living room couch with the Throw Pillow from the Winter 2019 box. The throw pillow ties in with the garland I have hanging above the couch very well.

There you have it; the twelve spaces in my home that I have decorated using Decocrated box pieces! I hope you enjoyed my 12 Days of Decocrated post and found a little inspiration for decorating your own home this season. For more holiday decorating inspiration and a look at how I style items from the upcoming Christmas Box, follow me on the accounts below:

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