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An entryway table is what I like to call the welcoming committee of the home. Whether it’s sitting to the right of your front door as you walk in, against a wall in the main foyer or in an open living area near the main entrance - this table has importance. An entryway table holds items you curated specifically to give a warm welcome to your guests. This table is the perfect place to show off the things you love and your style. In this post, I am happy to share with you my tips for styling the perfect entryway table that is welcoming and also appealing to the eye.


First Thing’s First - Find Your Table

This is obviously the first step, you need a table to decorate. A few tips for finding the perfect table - stay with your theme. Maybe your home is filled with farmhouse decor, pick something with a rustic, chic look. If your home has a modern feel, choose something that’s sleek and has clean lines. This spot can be anything! I like to go with a more neutral table then add in pops of color with the decor pieces. Be sure to measure your space before you buy. How aggravating would it be to find the perfect entryway table and then it not fit in your space? If you are looking for something pretty and functional, choose a table with drawers or a bottom rack. This table will be pretty for guests but can act as extra organization for you.

Choose An Anchor

What is an anchor? An anchor the focal point of the table. It adds interest to the area and helps tie it all together. Items that are great for this are large mirrors, oversized wall clocks or a large framed piece of art or photo. Mirrors are always a good choice because it can make the room appear larger. Although your entryway table may not be so large, having a large item over it as the focal point will give your table the grand entrance feeling it deserves.


Say It With Words...Without Saying Anything

What better way to welcome guests into your home than with written words. Fonts speak to me, so I am always consumed in the wall decor departments of home stores. This is also true for my own home. I like sayings - whether it’s my own handwriting or something I purchased. A chalkboard is a great way to make it personal with your own handwriting - a simple “welcome” is perfect or you can express your home values with your favorite quote. An everyday item with words like, “It’s what’s inside that counts” can let your guests know that what’s inside your home is what matters most and that friends and family are important. 


Add in Pillows For Comfort

The quote, “throw pillows are the adult version of stuffed animals” couldn’t be more true. Remember when you were little how comforting your favorite stuffed animal was? Throw pillows will do the same. They give off the vibe that your home is cozy and relaxing. Though these pillows are often on sofas and chairs, they’ve become a staple for entryway tables. You can toss a couple of colorful pillows at the bottom of your entryway table. Whether you place them in a basket beside the table or directly underneath, it will let your guests know as soon as they enter, they can relax and unwind in your home.


Give me all the greenery and muted florals, please. Whether you prefer real or faux, any type of greenery will give off a fresh vibe in your home. Create a foundation using greenery, since that can be used all year round and then add in seasonal flowers. If it’s Spring, add in some pretty pastel flowers that compliment the rest of your decor - pretty light pinks and whites are easy on the eyes and are the perfect addition to your Spring table.  



I talk about this so much with home decor because it is so important. You know how when you’re talking with someone and it’s a monotone conversation? How boring is that? Oh, so boring. Well, your decor is the same. If your decor is monotoned, chances are it isn’t going to gain much attention. You need dimension. This means, bring several items together of different shapes, sizes, and textures. Dimension is appealing to the naked eye - it goes crazy for it. Now, this doesn’t mean you can just throw some items together and it’s going to look good. You have to play around with it. Get creative. Using a tray with different sized vases/containers is great for this. You can use them to hold flowers or candles. 

Layer items together to bring dimension to the space. This can be done by using items of the same size or different sizes. Some of the easiest items to layer with are pillows, picture frames, and mirrors.  Place a tote bag next to some layered pillows to give off that comforting effect we already talked about, plus it’s dimensional. An entryway table with dimension will have your guests saying, “Wow, this looks perfect”.

The Perfect Palette

I am a seasonal decorator but I also love items that are evergreen - meaning they can be used year-round. When styling an entryway table, you want to pick a palette or theme and stick to it - until you are ready for a change-up. Having too many items that don’t blend can make your eyes go crazy and leave your guests wondering, “what the heck is going on”. Choose colors in the same family or if decorating for a holiday, stick to that. Use items that are in season. 


Keep It Clean and Organized

If you’re like me, certain places in your home become the landing place for all items. For me, it’s the kitchen island. It’s so annoying but it happens every time. For a lot of people, this space would be the entryway table, especially if it’s beside the door you walk into every day. It can be so easy to toss your keys onto the table when walking in or sit the stack of mail from the last three days. If your entryway table has a drawer, it can easily become that junk drawer - don't worry, we all have one. If you must lay your keys here, have a simple dish or tray to put them on. You really want this space to be clean and clutter-free so when your guests first enter your home they aren’t bombarded with clutter and you aren’t scrambling to clear it right before your guests walk in the door.

Don’t Over Decorate

Less is more. This is almost always true and this definitely works with an entryway table. Keep it clean and organized, you don’t want to overdo it with the decor pieces. Too much will overwhelm guests and make them feel like they’re walking into chaos. You chose a table you loved and you should let it shine! Make sure you group items that make sense together and allow the rest of the table to breathe. Not every shelf needs decorating but you want to make sure you have a balance as well.

Creating a stylish entryway table is so much fun. The possibilities are endless to create something welcoming. I hope you are able to create a space you love with my entryway styling tips. Time to start decorating!