There are so many things that are unique to spring. This blog article will dive into some of spring’s most endearing characteristics that make me want to bask in the season year-round. Everything beautiful and bright happens in the spring, so I hope this list of my top 10 reasons for loving spring brings joy into your days. Happy smiling! 


1. Blooming flowers! 

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Mother Nature shows off a little extra during the springtime between her boundless tulips, pansies, and daffodils. All of the Earth’s prettiest flowers come out to play in the springtime, and I’m all here for it. They make great Instagram photo backgrounds and GREAT accent pieces in your home! I make sure I incorporate flowers into every single room in my house, especially in my living room where I DIYed a flower wall! 
2. Sunny and fresh weather! 
Out with the cold, in with the warm! Right after a freezing and snowy winter season, the Earth blesses us with a bit of sunshine and blue skies! Amen! This spring weather is perfect for picnics in the park, beach days, hikes, and so much more activities with family and friends. My previous blog titled, “5 Ways to Celebrate Spring” gives some fun and cute ideas that can be done with the kiddos or your besties to take advantage of the sunny spring days! 
3. Easter! 
Easter is such a great holiday to celebrate with the family because...egg hunts! Growing up, I lived for the traditional Easter morning egg hunt with my sister and cousins. No strolling through my backyard was allowed; it was make-it-or-break-it! To this day, I enjoy a good egg hunt. Parents: I know you do, too! In addition to egg hunts, painting eggs is so fun and a little bit more peaceful than running around. You can get the kids distracted for a good two hours painting their hearts out! Snap a picture of your proudest egg masterpiece and send it to us! We want to see how you’ll be celebrating your Easter! 
4. Time to spring clean! 

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Once again, I have yet another blog dedicated to this topic titled, “How to Easily Organize Your Closet,” which details the steps you should take when endeavoring to organize your belongings. Spring cleaning is real, my friends, and it is upon us. There is nothing more fulfilling and freeing than a freshly clean and organized closet. Start this season a reborn person with a refined cache of clothes and accessories. Trust me, it’s like exhaling after a stressful day.  
5. More hours of daylight! 
Some people have something against Daylight Savings Time, but I, the night owl, surprisingly am not. I am not a fan of sunset at 5:30 p.m. because it makes me feel unproductive. The moment the sun is down, I resort to spontaneity and laze. However, during Daylight Savings Time, I have much more sunlight during the day to get my work done AND go outside and enjoy the day. Make full use of your days by pledging to spend a certain amount of time each day outdoors. A little Vitamin D is good for the soul! 
6. Butterflies, bees, and bears, oh my! 
Welcome all of our furry and roaring creatures in the spring, because that is when most animals come out of hibernation due to the warm weather and longer days, making it easier for animals to find food. During the spring, our gardens are buzzing with re-born butterflies and working bees that simply bring life and action into our lives. I love how the Earth is teeming with new life during this season, and seeing more animals out and about is proof! 
7. Bye-bye snow! 

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Fortunately, I’m from Florida where the most it has ever snowed was half an inch or so back in 1977. Northern Florida sees snow flurries here and there, but we Floridians don’t really know what it is to live and deal with snow every winter. Thus, for everyone in the rest of the United States of America, saying goodbye to snow is a HUGE plus of the springtime – some might even say the best part of it! Dig your toes in the sand and thank goodness it’s not snow! 
8. Fruits and veggies galore! 
During the springtime, since the Earth is blossoming in full swing, trees and plants are producing fruits and vegetables in abundance. Grocery stores and local farmer’s markets are restocked with fresh and ripe fruit perfect for a home-cooked meal. When you buy your fruits and veggies, make sure you know where they’re coming from. Shop small and local to help out your community and reduce your carbon footprint: a win-win! 
9. Summer is almost here! 
I love spring, but summer holds a special place in my heart because school is out! I can relax at the beach, hang out with my friends, and do anything my heart desires. When spring rolls around, it means I am more than halfway done with my semester and summer is right around the corner! SO much to look forward to! 

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Happy Spring!